As the name suggests, Metro is a coffeehouse that offers an alternative to the corporate coffee house

Offering handcrafted coffee and espresso, fresh baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches.

Metro can be found in many major metropolitan cities in North America including Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Calgary, Dallas, Denver.

London-area transportation service operates buses for commuters to travel around the city while avoiding traffic jams. It also operates other modes of transportations including suburban trains and tramways. The organization was established in 1978 by Transport for London (TFL).

Metro is a design language developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is designed for user interfaces, websites, apps, and other experiences.

The Metro style started with Windows Phone 7’s design in objectives of achieving simplicity and familiarity. This simplicity allows the users to navigate through the interface with speed and efficiency. The Metro style has an emphasis on typography, color, tiles, motion and grid-based layouts. It also favors web-style designs with minimal use of icons.

The name “Metro” was chosen because it connects to the heritage of the company that grew from a small family business run from a single room in New Mexico to a global enterprise based on simple concepts: family values, respect for colleagues, attention to detail and craftsmanship in design work

Metro is a multimedia and retail company that operates in the United States.